Buddhas and Bodhisattvas

All the Buddha statues of World Center were specially chosen, located and arranged by Rinpoche himself. Custom-made by two artisans, one an expert at copper-sheet statues, the other at cast statues the statues took 4 years and more to complete.

Ascending the staircase to the Main Hall, from a distance you see the 4.8 - meter high statue of Buddha Shakyamuni smiling and gazing down at you. He is flanked by smaller statues of Buddha Dipamkara and Maitreya. These three statues, surrounded by auspicious clouds as their background decoration, symbolize the Buddhas of three times (past, present and future).

The Hall has several unique features — most strikingly, the circular arrangement of the statues. From the center of the Hall, looking in every direction you are inspired with feelings of devotion and faith, as if you are personally attending a Dharma gathering accompanied by various Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. Buddha Shakyamuni at the centre is teaching Dharma; listening to his discourse are Green Tara、Vajrasattva、Akshobhya、Amitabha、Manjushri、Caturbhuja Avalokiteshvara、Baishajyeraja、Vairochana、Aparimitayus、Yellow Jambala. You are surrounded by the Thousand Buddhas of this Fortunate Eon.

In addition, through special lighting, the Hall brightens gradually, layer by layer, following the curve of the dome. At the top hangs a Lotus Lamp with holy objects and relics enshrined within it.

Finally, the Hall is encircled by a Circumambulation Corridor, enabling practitioners to circumambulate the Stupa indoors during the months of very hot weather and the rainy season.

What is the merit of circumambulating a stupa? The process of circumambulation signifies our journey to enlightenment. This was discussed in many sutras spoken by Buddha himself. In one such story a fly was reincarnated as a monk, who later gained the fruition of liberation (arhatship), by merely following the smell of cow and accidentally circumambulating a stupa.

When you first enter the Circumambulation Corridor, you see statues Kshitigarbha, Mayadevi, Milarepa, Vajrachanda, Nirvarana viskambi, Lokeshvara, Vajravarahi, White Tara, Maitreya, Usnisa-Sitatapatra, Thousand-arm Lokeshvara, Samantabhadra, Achala Krodharaja, Kurukulle, Vajrapani, Akashagarbha, Mahakala, Padmasambhava, Nagaraja Vasuki and Manjughosha. Various Bodhisattvas, standing or sitting, in peaceful or wrathful form, are models and inspirations of great love and compassion. They are all our spiritual friends, protecting, encouraging and motivating us along our way to Buddhahood.